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Originally Posted by CGMike View Post
Get some lysol disenfectant spray and pull your cabin filter. Spray that down into that area with the fan at full blast. There might be a little bit of mold or mildew in the ducts
Dont bother with Lysol. I had a horrible oder in my car right afte i purchased it. I bought a solution that I found from a manufacturer locally to me and it worked so well i couldnt even tell there ever was an oder in the car. The product is called Biolife

Here is the link. A little pricey at 28.99 but totally worth it.

maybe you can call them and ask if they have a smaller quantity. you wont need much but i ran my AC and sprayed every inch of carpet and let it suck through the vents. The oder went away fairly fast and has never returned. I know this company sells to dealers who are looking for a fast fix to sell cars. They claim that they used the solution on a vehicle that was filled with smoke order from a person smoking in it and the oder went away. I of course cannot confirm this as I dont smoke.