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Ilikebmxbikes 135i build (1M Conversion + S65 V8)

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There was a tremendous amount of teamwork on this build from a likeminded group of partners. The success of this build would not have been possible without everyone's contribution.
Here is the partner thank you video.

we added a 4.6L Stroker



Here is a trailer for Targa Trophy Megarun by eGarage. There are some shots of the 1er in there.

Here is a video of the car last saturday at Big Willow


PROJECT STATUS - 8 - 09 - 14



Sorry for taking so long to start this thread. A lot of people have asked me for photos and details of doing a 1M build. I will post the full parts lists and costs once my car is finished. Do note, the only way to get a real 1M is to buy one. My car will not be a 1M and will not bear an M Badge on the trunk.

Why go with a 1M conversion? Isn't buying a new 1M cheaper? -
My car is has been incredibly reliable and has low miles. The car as is, has a lot of mods already and by crunching numbers for a part out and sale of my car and using those funds toward purchasing a 1M, I would have to add about 30k on top for a very similar car. My car has all the M3 bits already, a LSD, and many of the power mods that I would be getting with the 1M, it just isn't worth it at the moment for me to take the jump. My car has had an ER front end widebody on the car for over a year now and i love how it just transforms the way the car drives. The widebody/wide front tires plus a few other mods virtually eliminated my understeer. Focusing more on aesthetics and my hatred for our stock rear offsets I began to crunch numbers on widening the rear of my car to allow me to fit wider wheels in there. Cooler on here referred me to a shop that had very reasonable prices that were within my budget. My plan was to widen my 135i sideskirts, rear arches and bumper on both sides and have it all painted and blended.

Fast forward a few months- I won a raffle at a Targa Trophy event for some HRE Wheels at an insanely cheap price. It was then I had to choose, get the HRE's for my ER widebody + stock rear end or get them in E9X M3 fitments in preparation for widening the rear of the car. I committed to widening the rear of my car and ordered the wheels in E9X fitments. The added bonus is the wheels will have a much better re-sale value if I decide to part with them and they will also fit an M3 if I decide to get one later down the road.

Fast forward a few more months - forum member Sk8fe does a 1M front end on his 135i and Tony does a full 1M conversion. After reading their threads and checking the costs of the part numbers, I discover that the 1M front end is actually a lot cheaper than I could have imagined. I crunched numbers and found that going full 1M required less custom work (just rear arches) than widening my car as is (rear arches, widened sideskirts, widened bumper). The 1M conversion involves more parts and a bit more paint, but it requires custom work only on 2 panels of the car vs 6 panels. The cost difference was only $1000-1500ish in body work.

I contacted Phil@Reeves BMW and he helped me price out and build my parts list for this and was incredibly helpful in getting my started. I ordered all of the hardware, ducting and sideskirts from Reeves. Jon@BMWpartspros helped me order the bumpers, battery tray mod, and undershield panel. Jon has also been great and I wouldn't have been able to source all of this so quickly and easily without both of them.

This is a long term log. The car will later get some stoptechs, Catless DP's again, new coilovers and upgraded turbos.

Mods on the car prior to this thread:

Cobb AP Stage 1+
ER Charge Pipe
Berk Mids
Dinan Axelback

M3 Control Arms and Bushings
M3 Front and Rear Sway Bars
Upgraded End Links
M3 Rear Subframe Bushings
Wavetrack LSD 3.08

ER Widebody
iCarbon Double Sided Trunk
Vorsteiner Hood
Forgestar F14 9.5X18 ET29/60
Hankook R-S3 255/35/18 Squared

BMW Performance Steering Wheel
BMW Performance CF Interior
BMW Performance Shifter/Brake

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