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Originally Posted by rjg View Post
When I turn the fan on with the AC off, the air coming through the vents has an unpleasant smell. It doesn't strike me as a chemical odor, nor does it smell like burnt oil (I know that valve cover leaks can sometimes cause a burning oil smell in the cabin, but that's not what this smells like).

To be frank, the odor calls to mind a neglected public restroom where people have been pissing on the floor. Switching between fresh air, recirculate, and auto-recirculate doesn't seem to have any affect on the smell. However, if I turn the AC on, the smell stops completely.

The dealer changed the cabin filter just a few weeks ago, but the smell is still there.

Any ideas?

Pay attention to your AC performance. If it starts to decline, then the problem could be the evaporator. I had the same problem, 1st the smell, we tried everything that could help with no success...then I noticed that the performance of the AC was declining, a couple of months later, AC just stopped cooling. Took it to the dealer and they diagnosed evaporator Mulfunction "leaking gas" that's where the smell was coming from. They put a new evaporator, AC was back and the smell is gone.

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