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Originally Posted by bigEC View Post
whenever you're ready. you're the busy one all the time lol
Haha, well to be fair, I was pretty busy all fall. Tryna pursue higher education, writing applications, taking EMT classes, etc. I'm more free now, though! Whenever, man! Seriously. This coming week some time, maybe? The car is freshly waxed for once haha. Hit me up on FB!

Originally Posted by comar1979 View Post
& nice Car
Thanks man! Same to you

Originally Posted by VMRWheels View Post
Halos look super bright!
Thank you! Nothing beats an HID kit (except full replacements). I highly recommend Alpine. Version 2 was pretty buggy and Alex always hooked me up with replacements. V3 has been problem free! I appreciate such nice words from an awesome vendor such as yourselves

Originally Posted by ShocknAwe View Post
Looks great man. Good work. Are those the BMW M colors on your kidneys? How did you do that?
Thank you! Yes they are. My girlfriend actually got them for me (plus a set of ///M pedals) last christmas from Unfortunately, those fell off during a power wash (the ones I put on were a little too thick for the slat, so the edges were lifting). The set came with a lot of extras in different sizes for all different kidney grilles (hence me putting the wrong size on), but I lost the sheet... So instead of 'fessing up to her about it, I make my own out of vinyl. Those are what you see here, though the Bimmian ones probably looked a little better since they were color matched slightly better.

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