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Originally Posted by mleskovar View Post
Without oil analysis you're only guessing at intervals. Replacing good oil is a waste of time, money, and natural resources. "It makes me feel better" is a lame excuse. It's worth $25 a pop to know the status of your oil at different intervals to establish a wear/usage pattern. It can also identify early parts failures.
^^^ This.

Originally Posted by Vigilante375 View Post
You can wait for that specified 15k miles if you want but that's going to be a lot of crap in there and once you get out of warranty......changing the oil is quick and easy, it's always the little things that will make your car leave you waiting on the side of the road for a tow truck.
The filter in the BMW is designed to filter out 15K of contaminates, the oil supply is enough that the motor will not use up the additives in 15K, and BMW tested the engine enough to decide that 15K was the acceptable interval. There is no reason to change your motor before then, you've simply been tricked into thinking that oil should be changed every 3-5k because that's what the oil companies told you to do. While that was correct in the 70s, it no longer applies now... Remember, oil doesn't wear out. It becomes contaminated and uses up additives, and if you keep it clean and full of enough additives, is not worthy of changing.

I know many of you out there will continue to change your oil every 5K miles, but just keep in mild when you do, throwing away $750 every 100,000 miles for "peace of mind" that is completely unjustified. Double that if you have it done at the dealer.