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so it's cut down to ALMOST a regular 3er with the V8 in it (and all the other M bits of course, suspension/subframe etc.)? that's fair enough i think, awesome price!


the E36 M3 cost $124,650 when it was introduced in 1994.

wow the E36 M3 was VERY expensive

i haven't worked it out, but counting inflation, this M3 is much MUCH cheaper than the E36.

ED: on second thoughts... CD stacker (who the hell uses them?).. acceptable stereo.. heated seats (useless), adaptive headlights (can live without)... i'm not okay with no leather interior lol

but .. $30k just for those things? that's incredibly expensive...'

on the other hand, they raised the price for the E46 CSL, this is SORTA a similar thing with a $30k drop.

and when they say 'no keyless entry' they don't mean 'remote central locking' right? but CA? most of the people commenting seem to think they're removing the remote central locking lol.

and i didn't know the M3 had anti dazzle SIDE mirrors as well, damnnn

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