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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
Here is a crappy video I made of driving my 135i back in September. I was on the A9 autobahn coming back from Munich to Nurnberg. I got up "only" to 274 kph. Its a little shaky but you can see when my speedo dial stops at 160 mph (260 kph) my M3 digital speedo still climbs. I let off at 274 kph bc that was fast enough while filming. I have seen 283 kph before.
Dackel, you're crazy.

Man, if my wife would find out that I'm toying with a camera at such a high speed, I'd got to run for cover without 'night shift' for a few days.

But hey, a good soldier is taught to be able to steer a car with one hand: one hand on the steering wheel and the other to operate a gun. James Bond Multitasking, you know.

Your TomTom GPS warns you at 00:28-00:29 for a speed camera when you're clocking 257 km/h. Likely a 'false positive' because you're on an Autobahn stretch without speed limit.

America is known as "The Land Of The Free", but they must definitely drool over this "No Speed Limit" freedom sign featuring on many parts of the German Autobahn:
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