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Originally Posted by Artemis View Post
Dackel, you're crazy.

Man, if my wife would find out that I'm toying with a camera at such a high speed, I'd got to run for cover without 'night shift' for a few days.

Yea... I am a little crazy! lol I was just driving back from Munich and the thought occurred to me why not make a video of how easy it is to drive at these high speeds. 274 was my limit driving with 1.5 hands!

The video also shows you how well my tuned 135i (w/only a flash tune I might add) pulls in 6th gear to close to its V-max.

Originally Posted by Artemis View Post
Your TomTom GPS warns you at 00:28-00:29 for a speed camera when you're clocking 257 km/h. Likely a 'false positive' because you're on an Autobahn stretch without speed limit.
That chime was not for a speed camera but for a tail gate camera. The Bavarian Polizei love to "check" your following distance so they put these mobile camera up on some of the bridges.

I also have the same chime to warn me that I am near an Esso station. They are few and far between on the Autobahns. Being affiliated with the military we can only fill up at Esso's for tax free fuel. $1 USd vs 1.65 euros per liter.

Originally Posted by Artemis View Post
+1. Yup, I LOVE this sign!!