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It goes without saying I don't even need to watch videos 2&3 because clearly on snow and ice covered roads snow tires are superior which I've already said myself.

So that leaves us with video #1 which I shouldn't even have to point out is not only computer generated, contains no actual data, AND is produced by a tire company with the bottom line in mind.

With that said, I would agree based on logic that at freezing temperatures the tread on a snow tire is going to be more pliable, however that's only 1 variable and based on personal experience in more than one vehicle on many sets of tires in all conditions...full snow tires on cold but non snow or ice covered roads handle exceptionally poorly, inspire no confidence and are extremely unstable as they are designed primarily for relatively low speed driving on snow covered surfaces.

While you may get snow in your area, there are numerous regions of the world where temperatures regularly fall into sub freezing yet we receive little to no snow throughout an entire winter. In these areas I challenge you to find any cars running snow tires, because you won't find them as its neither done nor recommended by anyone.
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