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I think you guys have gone off the deep end. Again. I will say again that I have used all types of tires. I lived for the first 30 years of driving in snow country. I had snow tires including studded snow tires but I mainly used all season tires. I've driven a 4 wheel drive SUV through 12 inches of snow on all season tires. There is absolutely no way anybody in Atlanta needs snow tires. That is silly talk. All seasons are plenty for those of us who barely go below freezing at night. If it snows in the south you stay home for a day and let it melt. With all seasons, the only reason to stay home is the crazies that don't have a clue what they're doing.

I have Michelin Pilot Super Sport (if that is the latest recommended by C&D) on my bimmer out in the lot right now. I am not the least bit concerned driving it back and forth to work on these tires in the cold. They feel great. If we get adverse weather, I will drive the SUV with it's all seasons. The biggest reason to drive the SUV is the crazies may run into me and I'd rather that happen on the 7 year old SUV. We don't get enough snow to worry about around here. I never completely covers the road.

If I ever have a tire crack due to temperature difference it will be the last tire I buy from that manufacturer. That looks like urban myth stuff to me - but I use Tire Rack as a source too. Certainly in the South, we should not have to worry about our tires cracking due to the temperature difference. If they do, there is something badly wrong with the tire.

The soft versus hard compound and comments about traction difference in the cold and summer tires are unsafe in the winter are another bunch of BS. The practical difference in compound is very nearly zero. If the on-ramp is clear of traffic when I go home, I will be on my bimmer like normal and it's tires will hold. I've done it before and I hope traffic permits me to do it today.

You guys really need to get more real life experience and stop believing everything you read. I've got a feeling I've been driving longer than some of you have been alive. But if you want to flame, flame away. Been-there-done-that trumps reading about it in my book.

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