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Update on break in service:

Had them do the oil/filter (no indicator reset), tranny and diff. Diff. service was a little bit of a hassle because there is no drain plug on our diffs. Tech sucked everything out, but it took longer.

Now, this is most likely placebo, but the car is running smoother, and the resonance I had @ 1,800 rpm is gone. I don't understand why as I had thought it was from the exhaust. Who knows? Asked my SA about the tips sticking out so far from that one angle - he said it's definitely annoying, but it could be for a reason - the exhausts/tips and their relationship to body pieces can cause resonance. Not sure what to make of that. I'm pretty sure I'll add the Performance rear diffuser at some point.

I'm up over 1,300 miles now, so going full bore when I can find some room!

Also, I asked them to try to remove the automatic wipers. They worked quite a while trying to figure it out, and it's impossible (according to them) on this car. Guess I'll be slopping plenty of rain-x on the windshield as my brain cannot handle the varying speeds of the auto wipers. OCD at its finest right there.

Also asked them to hunt a rattle from my rear interior. Couldn't find it. Build quality is obviously lower on this car than on my ZHP, even though their MSRP when new is exactly the same (actually, ZHP 2 grand cheaper in 05, then factor inflation and I paid a lot for what could end up being a cheaply made car!).

Now I need spring to get here so I can put some real wheels/tires on, put the windows down, and enjoy this thing!

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