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Garage List
Thanks, guys!

The floor will be epoxy coated and there will be storage cabinets. Good point on the blocking to allow some tire racks! I'll make sure that gets done!

I'll have a basin sink with hot and cold water, which will also be the water source for a driveway hose for washing. As for heating and cooling, I don't really need heat in the winter. The garage in our current house never falls below 47 degrees and is not insulated. We will insulate this one. I can work in 47 degrees on the rare occasions when I am working on the car in the winter. Standalone AC for the summer will be added later if I end up needing it.

Workshop area will have an ethernet and coaxial port. I am planning on about 10 fluorescent lights up top on the slanted sides, some can lights over the workbench, and then a set of stand-mounted work lights for under the car or for providing direct light under the hood.

Fortunately, my kids are not explorers in the garage, so I don't have to worry about locking. The oil and brake fluid go on a top shelf. There will be a lockable master switch for the lift power, so I won't have to worry about them playing with that!

Good point on the fire extinguisher! Compressed air eventually . . . Minifridge . . . got it!