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this is a great post

I've imported 4 BMW's from the US; the 1st was in 2004. I've detailed the steps to many in our BMW club and other "local" forums. 1st car was 15 years old so no RCL. US Customs let me thru after only 44 hours but seems they hold firm to 72 hours now. With car #2 I did have to buy RCL from BMW ($500) but no other work on car was required. For car #3 & #4 I got the WVI from USA BMW dealer at no cost. Car #2 & #3 were out of warranty. Car #4 had almost 2 years warranty but never needed to use it. Went to Burlington Vermont for free service on #4 and met other Cdns there with their cars. I figure I've saved between $3K - $8K depending upon the car. Car #1 & #4 were never driven in winter salt and snow and still today sit in winter storage in my garage. All my purchases have been private sales. I pay for the cars with a bank draft. Seller of car #1 trusted me and my bank draft altho suggest he had someone look over the draft. For the other 3 cars, the seller and I have gone to his/her bank with the draft and the bank does some checking up on the draft to ensure it is authentic. Usually no more than 1-2 hours. Owner of car #3 & #4 let me drive home the car with their licence plate on car. Otherwise get a letter from your insurance company stating car is insured (incl VIN) and that can be used to get temp tags. I'm a member of both BMWCCC and BMWCCA. I'm retired and willing to help any local people with the process.