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Body Shop?

Alright guys, I got dings and dents etc. living in downtown has literally raped my car in the past 8 side swiped the first week I had it here, backed into 3 times and currently have 2 "door dings" on my wheel arches...

I used Herb Chambers collision center in Braintree for the first accident and they did a pretty good job, but now I need my whole front bumper to be refitted to the car since its separating from the hood and front quarter panels (I got backed into when I was putting quarters in a meter on Tremont st. the lady said she "hit me as softly as possible" uhh what?!?!?)....

What body shops do you use and what shops do the BEST work...since insurance is paying for it, price doesn't matter, I just want this done right, and done fast...

Thanks guys