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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
First ALL 135i's have the same size brakes. M package or not.

You can find good prices at any of the site sponsors here on

Places like United BMW, Tischer, or the like. ECS has a good deal on Performance rotors right now. Almost half off. Check their website out.
Ahhh for some reason I thought that I had a big break kit because My buddies 135i has smaller all gray breaks not the light blue brembo looking breaks like mine.

Originally Posted by GaryS View Post
I love these pads.

And I agree that ECS is usually the best place to buy rotors, though I don't see any spectacular deals there today.
I will keep Checking, what kind of deals should I expect, half off like another has suggested?

Originally Posted by pixelblue View Post
I don't think he was asking about rotors but ESC is running a special on their performance rotors for $299
and HOPEFULLY I will not need rotors, just brake pads!

Originally Posted by AlBinVA View Post
I realize that people drive differently, but what is the typical life expectancy for brake pads?
I feel like it varies soo so much, essentially I can got a week virtually putting almost no wear on the breaks (since I live SOO close to work and shut off my turbos and drive like a grandma) And other time I'll drive to the beach like I'm driving away from an atomic bomb and can even start to feel my brakes fade lol soo It varies too much to say. Also I've only had this car for 8 months, 15k miles.

Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
^^Yup, that is the ECS deal I was thinking about.

Thanks Pixel.
I'll check it out, thanks!!

Originally Posted by Pig Farmer View Post
You may want to consider Cool Carbon pads. No noise, low dust and easy on the rotors. Although my experience says that they need to be bedded in properly before they feel decent. Until bedded, the initial bite will be lacking and you need to get them hot every couple weeks or the initial bite will start to feel soft. That being said, I don't know of any pads that have the initial bite of BMW's OEM pads. If you can stand the dust and routine squealing, stick with OEM pads for the street.

and by bedded in you mean put them to the test? because I have no problems doing that

Originally Posted by 1speedbike View Post
Thank you!