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E92 335i - Stage 2 Paint Correction

Car: 2008 BMW E92 335i

Service: Stage 2 Paint Correction

- Swirls, scratches and major water marks on exterior. Some deeper scratches were reduced. There was also pitting on the clear coat (after being resprayed) - mainly on the bonnet.
- The black sapphire metallic paintwork was really looking flat and more grey than black. There was no evidence of metallic flake which was hidden by the watermarking and dirt build up.
- Paint was rough like sandpaper and desperately needed decontamination
- Gloss and reflection restored to paintwork and that deep black colour of BSM was revealed

- Unfortunately, it was raining so after shots are very minimal

Random shots:

50/50 on bootlid - the clear coat was flawed from a bad paint job, but notice the clarity on the right side compared to the haziness on the left:

After shot of the roof:

Testing for swirls with LEDs:

See the rest of the photos here: