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Originally Posted by 1swift1 View Post
Hey everyone,
I promise I've searched and read posts by Rikx1M, Advevo, Big daddy Lo, and M3 Adjuster.
Of these choices on this group buy:
18x8.5 ET38 - 18.45lbs - Retail $289
18x9.0 ET42 - 18.65lbs - Retail $299
18x9.5 ET35 - 18.85lbs - Retail $314
18x9.5 ET22 - 19.20lbs - Retail $314
18x10.0 ET25 - 19.95lbs - Retail $324
18x10.5 ET27 - 20.45lbs - Retail $344

Which wheel can I use for a square set up on my 1M without rubbing, needing camber plates, needing spacers, needing to change suspension. Totally stock, which wheels can I use to go to a square set up, and run either 265s or 275s all the way around? Want to use PSS.


The 18x9.5" ET22 is a direct square fitment for your 1M with a 265/35/18 tire. You will not need camber plates, wheel spacers, or any other modifications. The 18x10" ET25 wheel set up could possibly be done with a 265/35/18 tire but not a 275/35/18 tire on stock suspension. You will need camber plates to fit the wheel and tire under the front fender with a 275/35/18 tire.
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