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Got the wheels...wrapped em in Michelin PSS 225s and 255s. Look great and no rubbing issues (will probably go wider with my next set of tires). Fronts ended up being 13#s lighter a piece and almost an inch wider. Rears were 10#s lighter and 2 inches wider than my stock RFT 17" POS'.

Great to hear Steve! If you get a chance please post pictures of the car!
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Your site still says that all you have is Satin Black in the ARC8 for the 1er, just like it did when I made that post.

So ill ask again, when will you get anything besides satin black in? Or should I say, how do I order anything but satin black if you actually have them like you say you do.

I think this group buy was affected by having only 1 color option. Just my .02
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Hi. I'll answer your question as I've asked this as well. I tried to inquire about the Arc 8's as well and I've been told that they will be available by February.
Currently we have Satin Black and Hyper Silver 1 series ARC-8's in stock and the website will be updated ASAP to reflect that. We have individual wheels in stock in other finishes but not enough to make a full wheel set for you which is also why the other finishes were not available for the group buy. We did our best to offer the 1 series community an APEX wheel group buy with all of the possible ARC-8, EC-7, and AERO-7 wheel options at that time. Hyper Silver ARC-8's were not included in the group buy because even though we currently have stock in them there is not enough to fulfill all of the group buy orders we would have received. More Anthracite finish 1-series offset ARC-8's will be coming in the next shipment mid February. Feel free to PM or email me with any questions you may have or if you would like to set up an international order.