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Rough draft letter to General Manager of BMC (still some passive voice in there) but I wanted to share with the group.

Dear "Ms. Germaname"

On 17 January 2013 I purchased a motor vehicle from your dealership located in Vilseck and subsequently delivered to Heidelberg. xxx in Vilseck and yyy in Heidelberg were the salesmen I worked with. The vehicle is free from mechhanical problems and is thoroughly enjoyable to drive. Unfortunately, the delivery process was less than satisfactory because.

1. The vehicle was advertised with velour foot mats. These mats were not present upon delivery. When I asked the xxx where they were I was told “We get what it comes with when it is turned in.”

2. When I inspected the interior I noticed and removed food debris from the rear seats, front seats, leaves, and debris from the foot wells. xxx agreed with me that the car was not satisfactorily cleaned and offered an appology.

3. The car came with performance summer tires & wheels. Typically when a customer removes the wheels from storage (reiffen lager) for transportation the wheels will be placed in a large plastic bag that protects the interior of the car from becoming soiled. I have to assume the tires were transported from Vilseck to Heidelberg with no such protection in place potentially soiling the interior of my car. I purchased large plastic bags myself to transport the tires back to Stuttgart.

4. The summer wheels have green caps placed on the valve stems and were missing several wheel weights. When I asked xxx if indeed Nitrogen was used to fill the tires he was clueless. I suggested he contact the dealership in Vilseck or yyy and enquire on my behalf. Which he did but, was not able to determine what compound was used to fill the tires. BMW does not use Nitrogen to fill tires at any of their factories, although BMW service centers will offer this option. I was advised by the salesman that I should work to answer this question myself at my own local BMW Service Center.

5. The car was not waxed and washed clean prior to my receiving it. On a freshly waxed car the water will bead up on the hood and roof. The wax will act as a protectant for the paint and present a nice clean shine for the customer. I understand the weather at the time was not the best, but there are car washes in Germany that will wash and wax a car regardless of the weather conditions.

6. Finally, when I informed xxx and yyy about my dissatisfaction with the delivery process they treated me as if I were being presented with a fantastic deal and that I should grateful to your business for doing me such a favor.

I would appreciate it if you could provide the velour floor mats the car was advertised with and pay or reimburse me for having the summer tires inspected and rebalanced if needed by a Authorized BMW Service Center.

As I am sure you can appreciate, I rely on my car for transport and apart from the inconvenience, this problem has also caused me to incur additional costs in washing and waxing the car myself and detailing the interior to my standards.

I look forward to settling this matter amicably. If, however, the matter is not
Satisfactorily resolved by 1 March 2013 I will consider taking further action to resolve the complaint through BMW Military Sales Corporate Office in Munich.

Yours faithfully,