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Originally Posted by That_1_Guy
Sounding to me like these dudes took your beloved car for a test ride and weren't too nice.

Did you write down your miles before you dropped it off and when you picked it up? This needs to be done whenever you drop it off anywhere other than a BMW Dealership. Some guy you paid to paint your wheels, probly isn't the best or most trustable guys on the planet.


Originally Posted by queese23 View Post
i dont know i really dont know about cars bro i just picked the car up and it looked nice and i was happy until i started the car up and seen that!!
Read the owners manual, learn about your car. Owning a BMW is nice and all, but there are more bells and whistles than you can imagine. I understand you might not be a big tuner, but if you ever decide to tune, or upgrade your car, you need to know how things work incase you ever have any issues and someone isn't near by to help out.

Good luck with whatever the issue was.
Thanks so much bro!! I appreciate all the love and help on this forum!! Thanks for all the great info