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illuminating gearknob

thought i would post this up,i know there is another thread allready but more pics/information can't hurt,okay no stock at the bmw dealer so it had to come from germany(two weeks) delivery, part number 25112284205 - M5 gear knob 84,as you can see the gaiter is not the same as 1M

so first to remove the standard one,the gaiter just hooks under the plastic trim so hold gaiter at edge and pull towards middle of car,once unclipped pull gear knob straight up,this is quite tight so be prepared to knock yourself out,you are now left with this

to remove gaiter there are two straight locating pins holding it onto the gearknob & one hook type clip,put a small screwdriver at edge of clip & gently ease to middle at same time put another screwdriver under plastic and ease up gentle,the pins can break easy so take your time with this

now on to M5 gear knob snip plug off & slide plastic sleeve off then repeat as per 1M gaiter removal,to fit M5 gear knob to 1M gaiter first drill 1/8 hole between the two pin holes for the wires to go through

now push/ clip the gear knob onto the gaiter & refit plastic sleeve back on to the wires.
remove plastic trim on the console,just pull straight up,then remove foam padding

next step is to tap into loom,on right hand side there is three wires you need to tap into the red/grey & brown wires same colour as gear knob wires,no wires were cut i simply bared the wires to connect gear knob wires,you could also use scotch locks to tap into car wires,this was all done with battery still connected (make sure ign & lights are switched off),i used some extra wire with bullet connectors to join gear knob wires,

re fit foam

place plastic trim back on, connect wires & test to make sure its working,press gear knob onto shifter,refit gaiter back into console & sit back with a smug smile on your face

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