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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
I googled: "CC-ID 381" and came up with this...

I would check your BFD (brake force) bulb , those are the inner brake light bulbs that only come on when you get HARD on the brakes.

IF you have the euro rear brake fog light switch... you can turn them in and check your bulbs. They are the same bulb.


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In case of a check control warning, always check the CC ID number first. There is no need to connect the vehicle to the GT1.

Perform the following steps to check the CC ID number:

---Switch on ignition (KL-R or KL-15)

---Toggle rotary switch on direction indicator switch to bring up "Check Control"

---Briefly press the on-board computer button

---Select the Check-Control message required with the rocker switch

---Press the on-board computer button for longer than 2 seconds

The following message will appear in the bottom line of the LCD display for approx. 2 seconds:"CC-ID xxx"

The CC numbers for a faulty BFD (brake force) bulb are 372 (Left) and 373 (Right) and most comom/known issue.
That's one bulb I haven't checked. I'm going to reseat both of them and see if that does it. Thanks Dak!