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Originally Posted by Greenkirby21 View Post
I'm running 225 front 245 rear. The car feels much more planted from the 205 front 225 I had earlier from the sport package. In terms of turning it feels the same, mostly because the difference from front to rear is the same.

However, I have heard from others that going square reduces understeer. I can still break traction so we aren't lacking that much power ; ). Unfortunately I haven't gone square yet so I can't comment on that.

in addtion, I am sure you will have to do something to the OEM sport suspension if you go 235 in the front. I feel like I am barely not rubbing
After looking up more info on the boards, it's most likely that I'll go 225 all around and avoid any rubbing issues, etc. That makes it less likely that I'll opt for the ZED package because the wheels are too wide for my needs. I may go M-Sport, stick with the 17" rims and replace the runflats with 225/45-17 Michelins. They look a tad small to me, but the roads aren't getting any better around here, so the extra sidewall height couldn't hurt.