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Originally Posted by JB4135
Originally Posted by skycat
Pav is correct as much as i really love the M3 it is by comparison to N54 powered cars SLOW, it has no real get up and go there is no aggression with the power delivery it feels just to smooooooth. Point A to point B it is a fast car BUT you cant beat a turbo car for the raw seat pushing performance.

WHY did BMW not fit the N54 into the E92 M3 i think they stuffed up it should have been an option it could have been the perfect M car.

Maybe the next M3 will be the best, i guess we will have to hope the accountants have been locked in the toilet long enough for the engineers to do there magic.

Don't get me wrong that little V8 is a gem it sounds like music @ 8000rpm + and seem to be very reliable, more so than the N54.
If i eventually own one i will fit a supercharger and have the best sounding M3 ever with some GRUNT.

We all know the six sounds like crap when you compare it with the M3 V8
Agree with you Peter.

Here's my take on N54 vs S65.

N54 is a rough, raw blonde that wants it hard but bitches and whines too much, and the S65 is the stunning brunette that's always consistent and classy.
Reliability definitely goes to the V8.
Awwwww shit I got half a grissle : over the tarty blonde

And let's not forget only bald fat old farts drive m3's