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Replacing the N54 mids by the N55 mids on the 1M = significant reduction of 'drone'.

See these threads:

Benefits of N55 mids on the 1M:
  • BMW OEM part;
  • easy plug and play / bolt-on install (same shape and connections) and ditto removal (if ever required to);
  • cheap mod for what you get in return: normal price is sub $400 (call around because prices seem to range - BMW OEM part, so your BMW dealer can certainly get them for you);
  • significant reduction of drone;
  • a little extra growl on the sound spectrum (if you want a louder, raspier noise, get Maddad mids instead of N55 mids);
  • less restricted fumes flow (due to the absence of secondary cats) - a little extra oomph (few extra hp);
  • ECU will not throw codes at you (reason: primary cats and sensors are sitting in the downpipes connected to the mids); only if you go for catless downpipes (loud !), the ECU will protest and, hence, needs to be reprogrammed (which voids the warranty);
  • no undesirable results (too loud, too smelly, risk of trouble with authorities and neighbors)
N55 mids = BMW OEM part # 18307599743
For the OEM bolts and gaskets part #, see these earlier posts of Dackel:

In the event of replacing the N54 mids by the N55 mids, definitely keep the N54 mids somewhere for possible future re-install (1M resale). As a matter of fact, due to the presence of secondary cats, the N54 mids are ± five times more expensive than the N55 mids !

N55 midpipes (left - no secondary cats) versus N54 midpipes (right - secondary cats):
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