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ABS/Brake Light On

I've read several posts on this, but found several possible causes so I thought I'd make another to see if the more informed can help assess my problem.

What started as a rare occurrence has now become an everyday issue with my 135i:

The ABS/Brake/Traction lights all light up, which is annoying in itself, but also will not allow me to turn off DSC.
Also, it automatically short shifts to second gear at about 2500-3000 rpms in my DCT even if I am in manual mode.
It will turn off and on when I drive, but seems to be on more than it is off. I'm thinking colder weather may affect it, but could be coincidence.

I'm under warranty, but I have a JB4 and downpipe. I'm fairly confident neither contributed to the issue, but has anyone had issues with warranty claims? I could take off the JB4, but is it worth the hassle? Should I just turn it off with the CAN tool?

Any ideas on the source of my problem (steering vs. wheel sensor)?

Thanks in advance!