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Originally Posted by chrisko
Originally Posted by xnfsx View Post
can you just weld a hi flow cat on your midpipe and move the 2nd o2 sensor back to that cat?,

the other method, would securing the o2 work? I need an inspection in a week. I need to find anyway possible to get this to work!
I think we've come to believe the 2nd o2 (or the catalytic sensor) might be able to get pulled and just hung on the side.

Welding a cat onto your midpipes isn't the best idea and much more work. You'd have to find a way to extend the sensor down that far as well. You'd have to cut the pipe, weld the high flow cat on, extend the sensor down to the midpipes and drill a bung for the sensor. That doesn't sound very easy haha.
so does that hanging method work? anyone confirm?