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Originally Posted by redux View Post
265's up front and 295's out back (275's and 285's weren't available at the time of purchase). When I go to 18's, I'll most likely be running 265's squared or something in the 265 front/285 rear range.

Why replace the stock LSD with another LSD? Because an aftermarket solution is another way to fine tune the balance the car. The stock LSD is designed to work in a wide variety of situations, and since to my car is nothing more than a weekend play thing, daily driver versatility is not a requirement. With the aftermarket unit, I'll be able to tailor the handling dynamics and ability to put down the power of the 1 to my specific tastes.
Yes, I understand. I went through three limted slips (including a Quaiffe) on my previous car (a highly modified M Coupe) before I had it where I wanted with a custom 3 clutch variable ramp set-up built by Dan Fitzgerald (diffsonline).

However, I'm very pleased with the diff in my 1M and have no plans to change it.

As has been discussed ad nauseum, the 1M is not an easy car to drive on the edge, although steps can be taken to tame it just a bit.

Among other things, I'm running camber plates, JRZ dampers and a stiffer E93 M3 front sway. Car still requires quick hands (and feet), but I really dig how it handles.