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Ha I know that car. It's from the same dealer as mine.

Nice car. This is the way to learn drifting.
The drifting I do in the snowy streets downtown.(When traffic allows it off course, US forum I know.) Parking lots was >15 years ago.

Advevo needs to film me/us, we 're talking about that but we both don't have the time or it's too dark...

EDIT: On the German1/ M forum member from Munich asked where in that area are places to drift.
I replied with BMW //M building the greatest more or less affordable cars around and Munich not being able to supply Freude am Fahren/Driving and drifting pleasure in that area. He should call the mayor immediately

In parts of the North of the Netherlands is plenty of room to fool around. Still.
Downtown Amsterdam not so much LOL(fooling around in another way than in a car is another story)


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