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N55 over boost issue

Hi all
Over the last few days we have had a late model full bolt on N55 135 in the shop with a very serious over boost issue like 25+psi. this sort of boost will kill most engines, a real big issue.

The problem is the under bonnet temperature around where the boost solenoid is bolted. Mr BMW has bolted the solenoid directly to the cylinder head above the exhaust manifold and turbo totally stupid.

Now we have a failed solenoid that will need replacing, the problem is we cant put it back in the same location or the new unit will fail.

The Advan mod is to relocate the solenoid to the brake master cylinder cavity this is a cool area and will protect the solenoid form extreme heat.
And should last forever the cost to do this mod is not a big deal and much cheaper than a new engine.

This may also be an issue with FBO high output N54 powered cars i guess we will have to wait and see, though i will mod my car anyway.

Advan tip of the week

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