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Originally Posted by rking117 View Post
Values are what control the fuel and exhaust. the parts are cheap but to replace you have to remove the head off the engine and have them machined into it. (they have to set perfectly or they wont work) Then a replacement head gasket and coolant. That would be the minimum amount of preplacement items. If ever i were replacing my values I would also replace the entire rocker arm too. So in other words by the time you got done and if you did most of the work yourself you are looking at around $1000.00 USD to replace. That is parts, and machine shop expenses. If you had someone else do the entire job then you are looking at around $2000.00 USD maybe a little less.
I am talking about the Fuel tank vent valve/purge valve mentioned by Sindarin. Which i assume is different than the 'valves' in the engine.