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BMW "Inactive" light

Ok so the other day I pulled out of the garage and my 2011 128i said "low tire", but I figured it was just a few PSI so I drove it about 8 miles total, came home and checked the tire, it had no air at all. I then noticed there was a screw in the tire, called BMW, "You can't patch a runflat", so I called goodyear and they patched it because the screw was right in the center of the tread. I just brought the tire to the goodyear place, not the whole car. So they patched it, I take it home, put the tire on and now I'm getting the "Inactive" light. I tried resetting it, I'm sure it's the TPMS in that tire...called goodyear and the guy basically said there's no way they did it. Car only has 6,900 miles on it. Could it be the cold weather?

Also, (I might sound dumb), I hooked up the obdII reader and it said "no codes" you need to start the car for that? I just put the keypad in without starting it.