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Front Tire Replacement

One of my front PS2's got a sidewall bubble and needs to be replaced. The front tires have 8/32nds tread left (vs 9.5/32nds new). I wanted to get opinions on replacement (cheapest to most expensive):

1. Replace Damaged Front Tire (minimal difference in circumference)
2. Replace Damaged Front Tire with new shaved tire (8/32nds)
3. Replace both Front Tires

Note that I use winter tires for ~4 months and summers for ~8 months. I am optimistic that with the seasonal tire changes along with my expected mileage/driving habits that I can squeeze another 1-1.5 years out of the rear PS2s. When the rear PS2s are gone I may spring for 4 PSS. Thus I am favoring option 1 or 2.