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Originally Posted by pavo335
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I think I just need parts. A tank, a pump mount, long enough lines to run from the trunk to the engine bay etc. Also I need the knowhow for where to put everything haha.

Yeah I actually noticed that when I installed them so I turned Autotune on. I guess when I get home I'll try and install the aggressive maps and see how I go.

Or maybe I'll wait until after this long weekend
i think i still got the bms quick mount tank at home 1.5 gal iirc and the pump sits in the middle (i even have a spare of those as well if you need one). Now there is a chap (good bloke, but he has a bit of BO) on the northern beaches that can help with the location etc
Really? Awesome. Does it fit in the the battery compartment or needs to be external inside the boot?