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Originally Posted by Denso View Post
Agree 100% still surprises me that so few of the 12 actually bought a 1M
M3 Adjuster (one of the "Original 12" - "The Lucky Dozen" - reported about this finding when he took delivery of his 1M (ED):
"To date [Sept 11, 2011]... I am the only one of the original 12 that has opted for the car, a fact that is a bit disappointing, but not surprising, given the fact that the pre-drive 12 are all normal people, and to be honest, although we all LOVED the 1M when we drove it [November 2010], none of us are independently wealthy, and while we all instantly wanted to own a 1M... we all also realized that there may be challenges in selling our current cars and making such a big investment.
Since I wasn't smart enough to listen to my own advice and plunk money down on a deposit right away... I entered the fray to purchase a 1M in May [2011]... and through assistance from Papethova (who is currently on his own ED experience) I secured an allocation, although not without a lot of heartache and concern. Finally my allocation came through in July and my ED date was determined as 09/01/11 and I set about making plans for the trip."

See also: ("Original 12 ownership")
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