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Originally Posted by mb135is View Post
Beaut! I so wanted bwm but didn't have the balls to order it. Respect.
Haha what were you afraid of man. Just how different it would look and if it would blend well with the mirrors and such? I can understand as BWM is a color you don't see very often so it's hard to imagine. Especially with coral interior as you and I have. But I understand. I felt the same about ordering my alpine white interior trim and then wished I didn't until I saw it in person. Now I'm so glad I did as its stunning in person and not very common by far. I was however to chicken shit to order oyster interior for the fear of it getting to dirty and not looking good up against alpine white exterior sense it's pure white and oyster Isent. Still wish I had sometimes though. BTW took my car in to have the oil changed after break in. Maybe it's a placebo in our heads but I feel mine is smoother now also. I didn't have the diff or tranny fluid changed like you though. It was hard enough just co communicate to them that I wanted the oil changed but not to reset the service indicator lol. If I spoke the language I could have gotten it accross better but oh well.