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Originally Posted by chrisko
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I just went through this fiasco and it cost me a fortune

If you are in a state that has highly sophisticated emissions testing (Nevada being one of them), you will NOT pass emissions.

States with older, simpler tests will be fine. But states where the testing machine checks to see if your O2 sensors are "ready" will fail you. I failed ten times before giving up and paying to get the DP removed (a mere 7 months after originally paying to have it installed.

And worse, the guy who was selling them on here disappeared and stole my money.

Installing the DP cost me around $2,000, total, when you count install and uninstall ($500), the nine failed tests (~$300), related dealership bills (long story) (~$500), late registration fines for not getting my car smogged on time (~$500), and guy who stole my money ($200). This doesn't even count the cost of the DP or my time and frustration (huge amoungs of both) Not to mention, I was pulled over when my car wasn't registered (because it didn't pass emissions), so I have a court date next week for that (luckily, I am a lawyer, so I don't need to hire one).

There is no known fix for the n55 kittyless DP. If your state has modern emissions testing machines that read the readyness of your O2 sensors, its not worth it. Particularly in a state like Nevada where the car needs to be smogged every year.
Sounds like you got the worst possible situation! Not sure how advanced my states tests are, but smog tests don't happen--just obdII. Not sure how thorough they are either. My catless subaru passed without fail (they even did a catalytic mirror test... must have been negligent).

Worst comes to worst, I'll just have my guy swap back my catted DP and then put it back after. Should be about $200 for everything including reinstall.

Maybe in two years there will be a fix but who knows, whatevs. Gotta pay to play.
well I believe it's wot becauseeeee...I'm on map 0 lol. and auto clear off. I deleted and I am running a new drive cycle to see if it doesn't pop up so far NO CODE FOR 3106!!!!!!! only 2d1b. if anyone have insight if wot on iso jb4 causes this please let me know!