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Originally Posted by JDelphiki
Originally Posted by b1aze View Post
9.5 ET35 is going to be an interesting fit with 255/35 MPSS. You will definitely rub in the rears unless you can dial in a bunch of camber.
Thanks for the Heads up, I'll consider the options. I like the look of the Enkei Raijin and how concave they are, especially for the price I'm getting for wheels in perfect condition and nearly brand new tires with TPMS installed.

After a quick search to enlighten myself about camber(my first real car worth modifying) it looks like the bad news is the tires will wear out quicker and lose some stability in straight-line driving. I don't track the car very often so the benefits of better handling in corners is lost to me.

:Sigh: I think my hunt for a good looking set of wheels continues. The VMR 710s look pretty good, or there's always the APEX Arc-8 group buy going on...
There are plenty of options between what you were looking at and an average setup.

Lots of the E9X wheels can look ok with the right suspension. 9.5 ET40-45 in the rears fits pretty aggressive without needing to dial in too much camber. Lots more for semi-concave wheels in that area. Forgestar wheels let you buy an exact offset. It's not even crazy expensive.