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Originally Posted by JTBMW1 View Post

I want it to last a long time and always perform well!
You are doing the right thing by changing your car's oil early. Just think how diluted your car's oil was by fuel during all those cold starts. I bet you had an extra liter of fuel mixed in with your oil. Actually I am surprised your car's battery and spark plugs have not been replaced as well. Those items tend to take a toll when a car is started up but not driven much.

I know some car collectors who when they store their cars... they use the 20/20 rule: run the engine for 20 secs or 20 minutes, nothing in between!

The Best oil is New oil. Some might think thats a waste... but I do not. Especially when I know I will be keeping my car for a very long time. Heck I change my lawnmower's oil more than once a year!