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Originally Posted by MrRoboto View Post
Don't forget, the 'standard' gearbox that the new M135 will be equipped with is an 8 speed autobox, which is likely the case in this TopGear test.

0-60 times between the M135 and a properly launched 1M should be pretty close. (those with no skill should choose the M135)
A bit of a blanket statement?

Originally Posted by SpencerMH View Post
Autobox consistency at play there, also makes better tv. Most importantly don't forget potential, we have a smart full lock differential, and the wheel arches to run much larger tires. With a $500 chip they'll both have the same power but the 1m's ability to put that that power down in a variety of conditions is superior, I run a few mods that give quite a bit more power, jb4 g5, fill it with e85, and to a lesser extent an intake and midpipes, an extra 150hp, what could an m135i due with that power? I run 295's in the back with no rubbing and the power overwhelms the tires if I don't limit boost in the low gears, no hope for the m135i; I'm beyond happy with our cars.
The Variable M Diff doesn't actually fully lock, rather, it's continuously variable and can apportion 100% of torque to one wheel if the conditions are right.