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Originally Posted by Goombeh View Post
So many of us judge without knowing, so many of us assess and offer opinion without actually experiencing. It's a common forum thing, it's a common thing.

Well I may have been partially one of these, so when my wife said recently that she would really like a 125i and could we go and have a look at one, my immediate response was "why do you want the 125? we'll go and look at the 135."

We had a little discussion about it with me generally asserting confidently that "the 135 has the power you want, we're not doing it by halves". Well, she stood her ground and advised that she did not need the power, and that she just needs enough.

Off we go to Mornington BMW to have a look at 1 of the 7 manual 125s being advertised and arranged a test drive.

Wife drove first, and my immediate thought was, I thought this was supposed to be the sluggish one. Five minutes in and I was chomping at the bit to switch seats and take the reins.

First thing I noticed was that I was able to find a much more comfortable driving position due to this having the manual seats as opposed to mine with electric adjustment. Great start, but when the drive began, I was immediately impressed. The car felt very lively and responsive, the steering, although not as communicative, still felt very nicely weighted and direct. The clutch was very light but not overly so. But that engine response and sound.............sensational, I found myself constantly shifting between 6th and 3rd just for the hell of it, just for the little rev matching brrrappp accompanying each downshift, it was immensly enjoyable. The chassis was typical 1 series and felt super tight and rigid. Not harsh, but not completely insulating, very nicely tuned (it was the M-Sport pack) and judged.

I could go on, but the wrap up was that I had a ball in this little thing, and I didn't really feel like it was underpowered at all for daily driving. It sounded sensational which undoubtedly had something to do with the lack of snails. Brilliant little car, loved it, we bought one for her today, not that first one we drove as it was not the quality I was agreeing with, but found one which was like new and the drive was even better.

So next time you go to make comment or give opinion on something which you haven't actually experienced in any meaningful manner, I'd suggest reserving your judgement until such a time avails. Because as did I, you may find that your opinion is highly unfounded and inaccurate.

For those with the 135i's, I get it, for those with the 125's or 128i's I definitely get you too, because no longer do I think the 125/128 is just the one you get when you can't quite stretch for the turbo motor. It's a brilliant balance between handling and power and actually offers (in my opinion) a slightly more connected driving experience, undoubtetly attributed to the rapid responding throttle.

Enjoy your 1's, they're fantastic little machines.
wow, you wrote up there every sensation I feel every time I drive my car... I've been driving it for 4 consecutive years now and I can't agree more...
125/128 are really very balanced and enjoyable cars, and unless one is racing on a track, they are really the most agile daily-driving-machine one can ever get.
My concern now is whether their 4 cyl. replacement engine are as good to drive and hear to as the inline 6. hope someone will be able to compare the 2 the way you did up here.

thanks for the review and hope you'll enjoy your wife's ride as much as she will :-)