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Originally Posted by hybris4u View Post
If I buy it's probably going to be Akra with N55 mid pipes and wireless. I want to have a "sleeper" mode where I go unnoticed. Then I want the wonderful sound when the right situations or attention is wanted. The OEM exhaust is too quiet if you don't accelerate hard and that is not the best way to get attention in many situations. Meaning in suburban areas etc. So for me the combo is what do make the whole deal interesting. I would not go for any exhaust where its always loud. Not the right profile for me. Close to 40 years old and family. We all have different profiles and needs at different times in life. If you asked me the same 10 years ago I would have said loud always! ;-)

Non-smoker but deliberately did not opt out for the "Smoke Pack" (code 441) for my 1M.

Definitely not regretting that choice, because today I got me an alternative cigarette lighter (easily reachable at arm's length) and some lengthy device with "N55" indicated on the label/sticker.

"Open Sesame ! Let there be sound !"

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Do I like my new cigarette lighter ? Well, if the clip below features "The Akra Man" then I'm a kind of Charlie today.
(note: if the fine deephouse track accompanying the video ain't your cup of tea, then start from 03:29 onwards for summery funky sounds).

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