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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
I just recently drove a 125i and really enjoyed it too. Just wait to you put a BMW Performance Exhaust on he car. It is by far the coolest sounding exhaust I have heard on a NA. Lots of pops and gurgling - really nice.
Funny you say that Dack, the one we bought had the BMW performance exhaust on it and my wife was concerned about the volume. It was her car so I asked the dealer if he was able to replace it with a standard one. As I drove back to the showroom, we passed between two factories up a large driveway and as I trailed the throttle in second, the thing started crackling and burbling like a highly strung race tuned car, loved it! Opened that windows and said to wife, "you sure you want to change the pipe to standard" just as I backed off in gear again, crackle crackle burp.... hahahah... she looked at me and said, you like the sound don't you? "How can you tell" I said with a big dumb grin across my face.

She turned to the salesman and said, "we'll just leave the exhaust hey".

I'm so impressed, I'd stated clearly before that I've never really liked driving any of the 3 series to date, and does inlcude the E92 M3 yes, fantasic car but I felt like it made a hell of a lot of noise and didn't really do as much as it sounded like it was doing. And the 6 speed in that I think felt a little underdeveloped, still a little long in throw and baulky which took away a little of the fun. E46 M3 Gearbox felt the same too. Strange.

But every 1 series I've driven I've been very impressed with so far, even the new slightly pig faced 116, which did feel underpowered, but was still a decent drive.

So pleased BMW made these.