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Originally Posted by pwn
Originally Posted by b1aze View Post
Still nothing from OP... It's funny when you over-react to a situation without actually knowing what's going on and are now "out $1000" because the shop doing work for you sucks...
Dude, enough of your little digs at me. Grow up.

It didn't work for me, results shared here for others to take how they will. Moving up to slightly larger tires completely alleviated my problem.

I've got things to do, people to see, I don't sit on forums all day, sorry!

If you're going to jump onto arguably the biggest forum for these cars and make a "warning!" type thread like this about a wheel manufacturer who's produced more wheels for euro cars than almost any other company, you're gonna catch some heat for it. Especially since your "solution" isn't one that actually makes sense.

So again, why do YOU think increasing tread width by 10mm solved your issue? I'm curious.