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Originally Posted by vito747 View Post
M135 fitted with PSS, 1M Pilot sport
Originally Posted by bmw1mc View Post
Put a set PSS (and a better driver) on the 1M and I'm sure the result would be much different.
Originally Posted by mlhj83 View Post
Chill, no one said the M135 is better than the 1M in terms of performance. It's just a Top Gear video, they are an entertainment show. Though, for the money, it's a fantastic amount of car.
Indeed, for more objective results, either both get the a PS2 setup or PSS setup.

Nevertheless, as mlhj83 pointed out, that M135i is a quick puppy too. A devil in a small hatch box. A bit silly though that the M135i onboard sound is partially fake (see:

On the other hand - and I perfectly know that it's a pure subjective thing - despite having seen quite a number of pictures, videos and reviews about the M135i, design wise the M135i still does not evoke the same "Wow!" impressions that I experienced from Day 1 when the first images of an unveiled 1M started to surface late 2010. Like many, I can still stand sometimes mesmerized next to the 1M with a "How the hell did they pull this one off in merely 18 months ?" thought. Convinced that I am definitely not the only one experiencing this.

The attraction factor of an instant classic does not wear off as time goes by. Around May 2011, the 1M got allocated a spot at the top of the mountain of cool cars, and ever since refuses to surrender and descend.

The 1M Skiddmark video posted in December 2010 pulled the trigger for me to get a 1M, especially in Valencia Orange. A video like this hypothetically featuring a M135i would not have swayed me:

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