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Originally Posted by KennyPowers View Post
I've owned both and greatly prefer the 1m.

On the street it's much more aggressive and responsive. It's also much smaller and lighter which makes it more engaging to drive.

I also prefer the massive fenders and wide body compared to the m3.

I'd never go back to the m3. My 2 cents....
You didn't have a Competition pack M3 to compare to and you fiddled with your suspension with aftermarket bits, no?

Both the 1M and M3 (with ZCP EDC in Normal) are similar in feel on the road, with the 1M more willing to rotate, although front end agility is pretty much the same between both cars. The 1M is only less than 30cm shorter and about 100kg less (with the additional wheel base, the M3 was dynamically set up for that additional weight). The carbon roof, alu bonnet and plastic fenders obviously help with keeping the CG low and within the wheel base. For me, the non-ZCP M3 had noticeably (not significantly) more suspension 'float' than the ZCP version, but that helps with very bumpy and rough roads. I personally run my ZCP M3 on 18s on the road and ZCP 19s on smoother surfaces.

Both great M-cars. Whichever one, is more down to preference.

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