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That is the exact setup I had in my 1M. Tire pressures made a big difference and I realized I started too high. Here is the recommended pressures direct from Michelin's documentation on the Sport Cup. I found them to be very good:

The complete PDF of this document is located at:

This is really good info, make sure you read it as it comes from the people that built and race these.

Below is an excerpt from page 14:

Front: 25 cold; 32 hot
Rear: 28 cold; 36 hot
Note: If your road-racing hot pressures are too high, start
with slightly lower cold pressures.

AUTOCROSS (slalom)
32–36 psi hot (front/rear)
Note: Though autocross hot target pressures are the same
as those for road racing, you may need to start at a higher
cold inflation pressure to compensate for the lower pressure
gains in autocross racing.

OE pressures (Consult your vehicle Owner’s Manual.)

For both autocross and road racing, you may need to
increase tire pressure 6 – 10 psi over cold, dry pressures.
Vehicle and driving style are important factors, so some
testing may be necessary.