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Originally Posted by alex_d_22 View Post
I want to buy the street one, but I am afraid that it will be too loud. I currently have DPs and golf tee mod on my N54. Any of you guys know "how much louder" the street version will be, or is it similar to what I currently have on the car? Also, ive read around, do any of you have drone issues with the street?
nawt12 would be a good person to ask about street as far as drone since he just got the exhaust and will be experiencing it out of the box.

Note to the OP: I checked the stock for the group buy and only the following 2 are available for now (sounded like it will sell out soon), more again later in Feb. along with full systems: BT1801-S (Muffler Delete/Race) coated and non coated. It will take a week if you wanted it coated (the black ceramic coating).

Where are all the pics from the installs!? Put them up-