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Originally Posted by tccox View Post
They're also not under powered at all with automatic.
Not underpowered no but the auto trans is harder to extract the power out of where as the 6 speed is easier to keep in the sweet spot more of the time. I didn't mean to dog on it it's not the cars fault they should have made the auto tranny better that's all. Just my personal opinion that's all I'm sure not everyone will agree. But several people have said the difference between an auto n52 128/328 is night and day from a 6 speed and that it feels much better and makes the motor feel more lively and I agree. Me personally though I'm just not an auto guy. I need 3 pedals. My 135 is a 6 speed and I wouldn't have it any other way no matter how great the dct is. And it is great at what it does and was designed for.