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Originally Posted by Bmwbreed View Post
Hurray +1 for the n52 guys. I've had lots of time behind the wheel of an n52 car and they are not underpowered at all in 6 speed form. Your dealer actually had manual 1ers on the lot that's a rareity stateside. Ida been perfectly happy with a 128s power. I bought my 135 because it comes standard with so much more an once I got done adding that to a 128 I'd be paying a 135price. That and I'm an exhaust whore and absolutely love the way it sounds when I start my n55 (like the n54 too but they have a slightly different note on startup) cold starts especially. That is something no matter what exhaust you throw on an n52 can't be replicated. Guess it has to do with the difference in fuel being injected into the engines at startup. Plus as one one stated earlier most times in a 135 you are between 2 and 4 k and don't really have room to rev it up high often. But so glad someone else appreciates the NA n52. It's the last of a dying breed. I'm gonna grab up me another NA BMW pretty soon I think.